How Alternative Medicine Helped Me With Allergies

Allergies have been a part of my life since I was a little girl. It was something that I never wanted in my life, but what could I do. My childhood was filled with a lot of visits to the doctor’s office because I had sometimes very bad allergic symptoms. However, the medicine that the doctor prescribed to me was never effective, so I had to fight through that period of time and stay strong.

Traveling with Allergy

Traveling with Allergy

When I started traveling, some of the allergic reactions were increased because in some places the concentration of the pollen and other stuff that I was allergic to was very high. One time when I was visiting India, I met this young local doctor that introduced me to alternative medicine. At first, I didn’t know what to think about it because I never heard of those methods of treatments. Therefore, I was a little bit scared, but I didn’t have anything to lose, so I tried it out.


That young doctor from India recommended me to try out the acupuncture therapy for my allergic reactions. I found the best acupuncture practitioner in that city and I gave it a try. Immediately after the first session of acupuncture, I felt a relief. That one session was had more effect on my allergic reactions than any of the medication that I have been using throughout my whole life. At that moment, I realized how important and real the alternative medicine was.


RecoveryOf course, I didn’t stop at that one session of acupuncture. The first thing that I did when I got home was searching for a local acupuncture practitioner. I know that if I want to get rid of my allergy I must continue using the acupuncture treatment. I had only three acupuncture sessions while I was in India, but after those three I felt like a new person. I had no signs of allergy what so ever, but the practitioner in India told me that it was only temporary and I must continue with the treatments if I want to get rid of the allergic reactions forever.

I have never in my life thought that I will get rid of the allergy that I had because not one medication was helpful. I am extremally thankful to the young doctor that recommended me the alternative medicine treatments because without him I would be still fighting my allergy.