Essential Tips for What You Should Pack For Your Travels

If you are anything like me, knowing what to pack when heading off on the latest adventure can be a real challenge. In my case, only with experience came the answers to what are essential items, and what can be left behind. Strategically speaking, packing the right things in your bag or backpack can mean all the difference to your journey. I have listed below some items I have found essential on my travels, and hopefully will be of assistance to you also on your journeys around our incredible planet.

First Aid Kit:

Something you should always have in your bag or backpack is a first aid kit. Now, I’m not talking about something huge here. A few basic items can make an adequate first aid kit, should you be unlucky enough to require it. Band aids, burn, bite and antiseptic creams, small bandage wraps – these kinds of things can be put together into a small kit that will not take up much room in your precious storage area.

A small kit will be sufficient should you get caught short in the wilds (in the main anyhow, unless you have a serious accident!), and more comprehensive kits can usually be found on site in hotels / hostels etc.

An LED Torch:

LED torches are inexpensive and cast much better light, ideal for when daylight begins to dwindle. A lot of foreign countries are not as well serviced with public lighting as you may be used to, so a small LED torch is something that is essential to me.


Needing no explanation really, earplugs should be in everyone’s travel kit, even for the flight over!

photo for earplugs

A Clothes Line:

You will find that you need to wash your clothing quite regularly, and trying to dry your clothes by draping them over towel rails is very ineffective (as I have learned the hard way!). A small, elasticated clothes line, with hooks either end, will be far more effective. You can use these anywhere you can find anchor points to attach the line to, from balconies to over the bath tub.

Swizz Army Knife:

Even the Astronauts carry these, and I’ve found that a Swizz Army knife can be an essential tool, especially when heading out into remote areas of exploration. You’ll never know what you might encounter, so having one of these gives you a better chance (by far) of overcoming any obstacle that may be in your path.

Zip Lock Bags:

Another item that won’t take up much room, but can be a real god send in certain predicaments, is zip lock bags. From leaky items, to separating dry and wet items of clothing, you’ll be glad you’ve got these in the bag!


You’ll be surprised just how useful super glue can be when travelling. From fixing broken shoe soles to fixing issues with your bag, super glue has a thousand uses.

That’s just a small few examples of my essential travel items.