8 Ways to Be a Responsible Traveler in Los Cabos

Los Cabos is a popular destination on the Baja Peninsular in Western Mexico. It has a reputation for being picturesque, safe, and cheap. Some people come here to relax on the beach and others want to experience the water sports. It’s also a popular place for young Americans to come and have a good time. But, before you pack your bags and plan for the holiday of a lifetime, remember that you need to be responsible. Just because you’re going on vacation and have spent a lot of money, you shouldn’t be careless. Here are eight ways to make sure that you’re a responsible traveler when you visit Los Cabos.

1# Don’t Waste Power:

This goes for any traveler whether you’re in some of the luxury vacation rentals in Los Cabos or staying in a hostel. The weather is hot for most of the year and people will always use their fan and air conditioner. This is fine when you’re in the room and want a little respite from the brutal heat outside. But, don’t think that because you’ve paid for it that you suddenly have the right to waste power. Some people will actually leave the air conditioning on almost 24/7, even when they go out. Don’t do this and be careful with the power that you’re using.

2# Clean Up After Yourself

One of the most obvious ways to be a responsible traveler is to clean up after yourself. Most of us don’t throw litter on the floor and will always dispose of it correctly. But, sometimes when you’re on the beach with a few bottles of beer it can be easy to forget. Make sure you pick up all of the bottle tops and stop anything blowing away in the wind.

3# Go the Extra Yard and Recycle:

Recycling in Mexico isn’t as big as back at home and you may find that some of the locals don’t even care. People may come around later to scavenge the recyclables to sell on to make a little money. Even if you do see this when you visit Los Cabos, you should still make the effort to recycle. Developing countries can have major problems with litter and are often unsustainable. Make sure that you don’t contribute to it when you visit.

4# Smoker’s – Be Careful:

Lots of people smoke in Mexico and Los Cabos is no exception. The laws are more relaxed and you’ll probably see many of the locals walking around or sitting with one in their mouths. After they’re finished, they toss it on the floor. Don’t copy them. Just because they do it in their own country, it doesn’t give you the right to do it too. If you do smoke, make sure that you stub it out and dispose of it correctly.

5# Don’t Waste Food:

If we’re on vacation, we like to indulge. Admit it, everyone likes to order large meals and savor them before heading back to reality. You’re going to find a wide selection of restaurants and types of food in Los Cabos and it can be tempting to order as much as you like. But before you do, remember that what you don’t eat will be thrown into the garbage. Poverty is endemic in Mexico and it’s not a responsible thing to waste all the food because of the greediness of some visitors.

6# Volunteer and Give Something Back:

There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer along the Baja Peninsular to some of the more underprivileged people and in the rural communities. Los Cabos is quite wealthy from the tourism though as soon as you leave it starts to get poorer. If you have the time and an opportunity, try to give something back. After all, you’re lucky enough to have the wealth to come and visit their country.

7# Enjoy the Ecotourism:

Ecotourism is quite popular in Los Cabos. There are plenty of chances to go snorkeling and to enjoy the scenery. You can see a whole range of fish swimming underneath you in the water. Or it’s possible to kayak to some of the more secluded areas. Fishing is also another activity that visitors like to get involved in. Whenever you do, be careful not to disrupt the ecosystem and to leave any place exactly the same way that you found it. The locals may not be as careful as you, but it doesn’t give you an excuse to be careless.

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8# Choose the Tour Company Carefully:

You can find lots of tours in Los Cabos that range from riding a quad bike in the desert to going out in the water to look for whales. Inevitably, some have better practices than others and it’s your duty as a responsible traveler to not contribute negatively to the environment. This means that you should do your research into the different companies offering the tours. The best practice is to give your money and join the ones that do care and protect the environment and the places that you’re visiting. Be aware that this probably won’t be the cheapest one available. Though paying a little extra and knowing that you’re doing your part is often far better.

The Takeaway Message:

Los Cabos is a great travel destination to come and unwind or relax. It’s also a great place to get involved in water sports and enjoy the scenery and ecotourism. However, you should always do your best to be a responsible tourist and not do the things you normally wouldn’t back at home.